Gear made for motorcycling will provide the highest levels of of comfort and impact protection.

Motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle Injuries

We wear all the gear all the time because you never know when your going to need it.

For the best protection wear protective:
DOT Approved Helmet — Protect yourself from head or face injury with a DOT approved Helmet. DOT approval means the helmet has been approved for minimum levels of safety by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
eye protection
Eye protection — Your eyes are precious, wear shatter resistant goggles or a face shield to protect yourself from debris.
Jacket & Pants — Covering the body with leather or an abrasion-resistant fabric (e.g., Cordura®, Kevlar® or ballistic nylon) provides higher levels of injury protection
Gloves — Motorcycle gloves protect your hands and wrists from abrasion, weather, and even fatigue.
Footwear — Over-the-ankle footwear protects feet and ankles from injury as well as providing support for balancing your motorcycle


Wear clothing that fits comfortably while in the riding position and is free from constraint of movement.
Manage your safety by being seen! Choose clothing that is bright and stands out. Add reflective material to dark color items.
Impact protection
In the event something happens your gear must offer armor and padding to reduce the chance and severity of injury.
Helmets and Helmet Laws

Missouri laws require motorcycle riders to wear helmets, auto drivers to wear seat-belts, boaters to use flotation devices, and hunters to wear bright vests. The MMSP encourages all riders to wear proper protective gear including a helmet that is compliant with U.S. D.O.T. standards.

Choosing a helmet:
  • Reducing helmet roll off risk: Minimize risk of your helmet coming off in a crash by checking fit and the retention system. For more see How easily do helmets come off in a crash
  • Is your helmet compliant with federal standards?  Get information on choosing the right motorcycle helmet, Click here
  • Compliant vs. Non-compliant Helmets: To learn more about how to identify an unsafe helmet: Click here
DOT & Snell Approval are two key things to look for in a quality helmet

Compliant vs noncompliant helmet
Look for these major things when selecting your helmet:
  • Hard outer shell
  • Thick inner liner
  • Sturdy retention system/strap

The Mission of the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program is to provide quality motorcycle rider education and enhance motorcycle rider safety to the citizens and visitors of the State of Missouri.