Become a Motorcycle Instructor

Instructors are trained based on staffing needs statewide. To ensure a newly trained instructor will have a place to teach it is required that all applicants have a Sponsorship Letter from an existing MMSP-Authorized Training Site. A list of sites is available on this website. Sponsorship requires that an individual demonstrate proficiency, reliability, commitment and ethics commensurate with the standards set by the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program and the training site.

Some sites require anyone seeking sponsorship to first serve as a Range Aide. Range Aide duties may be paid or unpaid depending on the training site. Range Aides assist Certified Instructors in preparing the range for class, setting up range exercises and other non-instructional duties. Familiarization with exercises, path of travel for each exercise, and observing instructors demonstrating exercises and techniques are all integral parts of the development of an Instructor applicant.

Training typically takes place early in the year to allow newly trained instructors to quickly get into the field and work on their new skills but applications are accepted year round!

Requirements for new Instructor Candidates

The Instructor Training Course begins with an on-line training that requires about 40 hours to complete. The on-line course teaches the concepts of teaching on-cycle training to include range control, evaluation and coaching and other staples. During the five day in-person training candidates will practice the concepts learned in the on-line course then teach a class of live students. The Instructor Candidate application process is highly competitive and requires:

The following minimum qualifications must be met to be considered:
  • Possess a high school diploma or a G.E.D.
  • Ride a street legal motorcycle regularly.
  • Fill out the Instructor application form located here: MMSP Instructor Application
  • Provide a current background check from the applicants state of residence. Missouri residents can obtain a background check Submission to obtain a background check through the Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division located here: Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Record Check
  • Candidate is required to provide a sponsorship letter from an existing MMSP authorized training site, a list of training sites can be found here: MMSP Sponsor Locations
  • Candidate must have a current driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement and be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidate must have an acceptable driving record and submit a copy of their current DMV driving record from the Missouri State Department of Revenue. See this link: Missouri Dept. of Revenue Driver Records
  • It is highly suggested that the candidate observe at least one complete class prior to submitting an application and again prior to attending Instructor training.
Prior to teaching in the state of Missouri, Candidates who pass the Instructor Training:
  • Must review the Policies and Procedures, verify that they have done so and abide by the requirements listed in the P&P.
  • Recommended that you complete hands-on first aid and CPR training course.
  • In addition, Instructors are permitted to work at multiple sites and cannot be prohibited by contract or otherwise to only working at one site or location.
When certified, MMSP Instructors must meet the following requirements to maintain MMSP recognition:
  • Instructor must conduct at minimum four (4) MMSP entry level program classes each each certification period (two years).
  • Instructor must participate in one Professional Development Workshop per year provided by MMSP.
  • Instructor must participate in a minimum of one personal learning activity per certification period. This activity must be something that will improve the abilities of the Instructor, either riding or teaching abilities.
  • Instructor must comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct of a MMSP Instructor as outlined in the document signed during the Instructor Training.
  • The cost of Instructor Training for candidates is $75, non-refundable, with no guarantee of successful completion.
  • Agree to abide by MMSP Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Agree to abide by MSF Rules of Professional Conduct.

Apply for your Background Check here:  Use Form SHP – 158M for Personal Identifier (Name-Based), there is a $12 fee.

Find a training location

There are courses at 21 training sites around the state, Find a location near you.

The Mission of the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program is to provide quality motorcycle rider education and enhance motorcycle rider safety to the citizens and visitors of the State of Missouri.